Crispy Skin Confit Duck


The weather may be warming up but we can never go past a wholesome, satisfying dinner. This dish checks all of our boxes - succulent duck, crispy skin, creamy mash, sautéed vegetables and tasty red wine jus. We guarantee you'll be back for seconds!

4 confit duck legs
1 punnet bunapi-shimegi mushrooms
1 punnet oyster mushrooms
1 enoki mushrooms
200g spinach
4 large potatoes, washed and peeled
60g butter
80mL cream
100mL red wine jus (prepared beforehand)
Salt and pepper

Put potatoes on to boil.

Sear duck legs skin side down to crisp the skin, then finish in the oven (skin side up) to heat all the way through.

Mash potatoes with cream and butter, season to taste.

Sauté mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and add spinach till wilted.

Heat red wine jus.

Plate up with duck leg on top of mushroom/spinach, pour jus over and add mash on the side.

Serves 4