Winter Art & Culture at Manly

OK, so we know a Sydney winter isn’t really ‘winter’ – our British backpacker friends never stop reminding us! But that doesn’t mean we don’t get cold. Luckily for us Manly folk, there are some great indoor activities coming up for those chillier days!

Firstly, we’re excited about the return of the Guringai Festival from May 26th – July 9th - a celebration of Aboriginal culture and heritage that takes place across various venues in Northern Sydney. This year’s theme is ‘Connection’, and all ages are invited to connect and participate in the festival - locally, the Manly Art Gallery & Museum is putting on an exhibition by the Sharing Stories Foundation, with photography by Liz Thompson.

Also at the Gallery until the 9th of July is Chuck Bradley’s Instrumental – a photographic glimpse into the tools of the trade of some of Australia’s most celebrated musicians.

Or, if you want to step up to the plate and make your own art, why not try a life drawing class? The Gallery runs studios every second Tuesday – we’re game if you are!