If you love Manly and the Northern Beaches as much as we do, you’ll know how frustrating it is seeing stray bottles, takeaway containers and plastic bags taking up space on the shoreline.

We understand the disappointment of sinking your feet into the sand, only to feel a cigarette butt between your toes; of seeing a neatly stacked pile of fish and chip boxes left on the grass. We live on the most beautiful stretch of coast in the world – why can’t people walk a few more metres to the bin to try and keep it that way?

Well, Clean Up Australia Day is around the corner, and while we certainly encourage picking up litter whenever you see it, this will be your chance to really get stuck in and make a huge impact on Manly’s beaches.

Sunday March 5th is the day, so go ahead and register as a volunteer here. If you’re a local business like us, your time to shine is Tuesday February 28th and you can sign up here.

Keep Manly beautiful, and get involved this Clean Up Australia Day. We’ll see you there!