In-season foods that are locally grown offer a natural diversity that we should take advantage of - healthy both for our own wellbeing, and the health of our planet.

But most importantly, eating seasonally is a multisensory delight. It’s something we should all embrace with open arms and open hearts. 

At The Pantry, you’ll find chef Johnny has curated a menu that exemplifies the very essence of the paddock-to-plate philosophy, with the inclusion of fresh, local and seasonal produce where possible.

We understand that freshly picked produce has optimal flavour – often crispy, fragrant, juicy and colourful – which is what you’ll find in a number of our dishes. Our pick for the summer is the Crispy Atlantic Salmon with its light and succulent salad of beetroot, fennel, walnut & pomegranate, perfect for the warmer months. For breakfast, indulge in our beautifully decorated fruit plate, or the baked egg frittata with roasted butternut pumpkin, spinach, halloumi cheese, pine nuts, and baby potatoes with rosemary.

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